Food: Swordfish steaks (about 1″ thick) are oiled and seasoned, then cooked on a grill pan for about 6 minutes on a side, shorter or longer depending on individual tastes. The salsa is homemade or your favorite, with the addition of canned or fresh peaches. The rich fish plays nicely off the spicy/sweet flavor of the salsa. Serve with sides of your choosing.  We enjoyed peas+carrots with brown rice pilaf.

Swordfish w: peach salsa, w: Novellum Chardonay

Further pairing: Since we don’t consume an entire bottle of wine at a meal, we need a good pairing for later in the week.  The wine also paired well with Pork and Vegetables  in Tandoori Sauce.

Wine: The Languedoc-Roussillon region of France provides us with Michel Gassier’s Costieres de Nîmes Nostre Pais White, 2011   Like most wines from the south of France, this is a blended wine. This particular wine is composed of 90% Grenache Blanc, 5% Roussanne, and 5% Viognier. This wine proved an exceptional pairing with this swordfish.

Costieres de Nimes

Tasting notes:  This full-bodied white wine has a delightful nose of melon and honeysuckle. On the palette, one can taste melon, honeysuckle, pineapple, and hints of stone fruit, particularly peach, likely brought out by the peach salsa.

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