Father’s Day Steak and Shiraz

Pairing: Grilled Steak with 2010 Two Hands Lily’s Garden McLaren Vale Shiraz

Food: There are some traditions that must be upheld and, in our family, there is only one thing to eat on Father’s Day … a 1 and 1/2 inch thick sirloin (or ribeye) steak grilled to perfection over a searingly hot wood charcoal fire. It’s marinated for about four hours in a simple marinade/ basting sauce composed of 1/3 cup each of olive oil, ketchup, soy sauce, and fresh rosemary. “Scorch” each side for about 3-4 minutes, then continue to cook for about another minute or so on each side, basting continuously, for a medium rare doneness. Let the steak rest off the grill for a few minutes before slicing. Serve with grilled peaches, thrice-baked potatoes, Spring-fresh asparagus, and sautéed mushrooms. Perfection!!

Steak Dinner

Wine: 2010 Two Hands Lily’s Garden McLaren Vale Shiraz There are a number of classic wine pairings for steak … Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel being two notable examples. But for our money nothing beats a rich, intensely flavored Shiraz from Down Under. Two Hands is a particularly special Shiraz that is a true exemplar of what this type of wine is all about. McLaren Vale is one of the premier regions in Australia for growing the Shiraz grape. It is located just south of the city of Adelaide within sight of the ocean on the south coast of Australia. Lily’s Garden is one of the wines of Two Hands’ Garden Series The website below provides wonderful descriptions of this beautiful region and the delicious wines made there.

Two Hands Shiraz

Tasting Notes: This is an intensely flavored, concentrated, full bodied, beautifully dark wine that really stands up to and complements the rich flavors and smells of the steak. On the nose one can immediately detect an abundance of dark fruit … blackberry, blueberry, black current. On the palate, the flavors of these same berries blend and merge with hints of plum, earth and leather. And the long finish carries with it the delights of mocha and spice. This is a wine you can really set your teeth into!! Happy Father’s Day!!

Other Wine Pairings for Grilled Steak:  Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, Malbec

Other Food Pairings for Shiraz:  Duck, Barbecued Ribs, Venison, Grilled Tuna.

More About:  www.twohandswines.com

A Source:  www.wine.com


French Lunch with The Doctor

Pairing: French Lunch with 2003 Wegeler Bernkasteler Doctor Riesling Auslese

Food: This is what we call a French Lunch, even though it’s not necessarily French and we eat it for dinner. (Go figure!) It’s an assemblage of (1) a nice variety of cheeses (usually three or four of differing origins, flavors and textures); (2) different artisanal sausages (five or six types) that hail from different parts of the world and made from different meats (pork, beef, lamb, duck, etc); and (3) an assortment of spreads (chicken liver pate, eggplant spread, etc), chutneys, and mustards. All of this, plus a few baguettes, is served on a large cutting board or two that everyone eats from together in a communal way. This meal is a treat that we enjoy often. With such a diversity of flavors, pairing it with the right wine can be a daunting challenge. Which brings us to … The Doctor.

French Lunch


Wine: 2003 Wegeler Bernkasteler Doctor Riesling Auslese is truly a legendary wine, known throughout the world. It is made in the charming German village of Bernkasteler on the Mosel River, using grapes from the renowned vineyard of Doctor. This area is one of the most northerly vineyards (highest latitude) in the world, growing on some the steepest terrain anywhere. And, people have been growing grapes and making wine in this region for over 1500 years. Read more about the wine and the region in the link below.

Berkasteler Doctor

Tasting Notes: Riesling is considered by many to be an almost perfect pairing wine able to complement beautifully with a broad spectrum of foods. This help explains why we chose this type of wine to go with this dinner that has so many different flavors. The color of this wine is a lovely deep gold. White wines tend to grow dark over time and this one is thirteen years old. The nose is honeysuckle flowers combined with the smell of wild honey. The flavors echo further honey nectar extraordinary in its delicacy. Sweet, but not like a dessert wine. Rather the sweetness is in perfect balance with the wine’s acidity. My goodness … what an amazing wine! And a great companion to this meal.

Other Pairings for the French Lunch: Apple Wine (LaBelle), Gewurtztraminer, other German Rieslings, New York State Riesling.

Other Pairings for the Doctor: Aperitif, Asian Cuisine, Bluefish, Choucroute Garnie.

Read About:  https://www.wegeler.com/en/mosel-estate/bernkasteler-doctor.html

A Source:  K & L Wine Merchants (klwines.com)

Crab Cakes with The Hermit Crab

Pairing: Maine Crab Cakes and 2013 d’Arenberg The Hermit Crab.

Food: Most people have a favorite crab cake recipe. We certainly do … it’s from Todd English’s cookbook, The Olives Table. It’s heavy on the crabmeat (1/2 lb) and light on the fresh bread crumbs (6T or 1 small slice of bread). An egg, some yogurt (2T), dijon mustard (1 tsp), parsley (2T), salt and pepper to taste. Mix together gently, form in a 1/3 cup measure, and saute the formed crab cakes in a little olive oil until golden brown. Yum!! Whenever possible, we try to use crabmeat from the Gulf of Maine. Sanders Fish Market in Portsmouth, NH is a favorite haunt.Crab cakes w: Hermit Crab

Wine: 2013 d’Arenberg The Hermit Crab is from the McLaren Vale region of South Australia. D’Arenberg is a widely known and highly respected winery most noted for its red wines, particularly their shiraz and cabernet sauvignon wines. The Hermit Crab, however, is a white wine made from viognier and marsanne grapes. The proportions vary from year to year, but the 2013 is 64% viognier and 36% marsanne. Year in and year out, this is a consistently great wine and has been a favorite wine of ours for years. And it’s very reasonably priced at $16. Check out their website linked below to learn more about their wines.

Hermit Crab 2013

Tasting Notes: The Hermit Crab is a pretty, golden-colored wine with lovely aromatics. On the nose one can catch the delightful smells of white flowers, peach, and pineapple. Peach carries over to the palate, along with a touch of honeysuckle and spice.

Other Wine Pairings for Crab Cakes: chardonnay, white burgundy, sauvignon blanc, or a dry riesling.

Other Pairings for The Hermit Crab: lobster prepared most anyway, but particularly fantastic with lobster rolls.

Read About:  www.darenberg.com.au

A Source:  www.wine.com

It’s Rhubarb Time! Grilled Bluefish with Rhubarb Sauce

Food: June is the time of year around here where there is an explosion of rhubarb in people’s gardens, and everyone is wondering how best to use this bounty. Of course, rhubarb pie is a favorite. Rhubarb wine can be exquisite. And rhubarb juice is a delicious, thirst-quenching drink on a hot summer day. But how about a rhubarb sauce poured over a wonderful grilled fish. And, what better fish to grill than bluefish. I grew up fishing for bluefish in the ocean south of Long Island on my uncle’s boat. There is not a better game fish for fight and flavor than a bluefish. To this day, it is my favorite of all fish to eat. And grilling it over charcoal is the best way to cook it.

Grilled Bluefish w: Rhubarb sauce + Aust Riesling

So … what about that rhubarb sauce? Make a light-colored syrup out of 2 T of sugar. Then … stand back (it spatters a bit) and add 1 T red wine vinegar and the juice and zest of one orange. The sugar will re-harden, but will become syrupy again in a few minutes after you turn the heat down. Add 1/2 lb thinly sliced rhubarb, 1/8 tsp cumin, and 1/8 tsp salt. Cook for about 15 min until the rhubarb is soft and has lost its shape. Put it all in a blender and puree it. This recipe is from an old favorite, Fresh Ways with Fish and Shellfish. It works really well with the bluefish. We’ve served the fish with wild rice pilaf and green beans.

Wine:  2012 Mount Trio Riesling. This riesling hails from Western Australia. The winery is located in the delightfully named region of Porongurup. Unlike the rieslings from Germany that most of us are used to — a bit on the sweeter side and decidedly complex — the rieslings from Australia are usually bone dry and pleasantly sharp and bright tasting. The Mount Trio is no exception.

Mount Trio Australian Rieslig

Tasting Notes: The nose is pleasantly citrusy (mostly mellow orange and lime) and with a hint of orange blossom. The palate is a bright-tasting, citrus flavor that is not too acidic as some citrus-tasting wines can be. The orange juice and zest in the rhubarb sauce seems to bring out the aromas and taste of orange in the wine. Crisp and refreshing!

Read About: www.mounttriowines.com.au

A Source: K & L Wine Merchants  www.klwines.com