A Simple Dish … Served with Local Wine

Pairing: Baked White Fish with Cheese paired with 2014 Newman Estate “Green”

Food: What could be simpler for a light summer meal? Any white fish (cod, haddock, hake, etc) sprinkled with most any firm grated cheese (cheddar, gruyere, colby, etc.) and baked. We’ve served it with sugar snap peas and sliced tomatoes and fresh basil. Not only is this dish simple and delicious, it’s also very low in calories … less than 400 … including a glass of the wine.

Fish with Cheese Sauce

Wine:  2014 Newman Estate “Green” (from Prince Edward Island, Canada)

The main purpose of this blog posting is to encourage readers to sample locally produced wines whenever the opportunity presents itself. Wine is now made in all 50 states (or maybe 49) and in many, many countries. It’s hardly possible to live or travel anywhere without a winery within a reasonable driving distance or a local wine being sold at a nearby market or retail establishment. And more and more varieties of grapes are being developed or selected for all kinds of environments. Who would imagine wine grapes being grown along the cold, windswept shoreline of Prince Edward Island where it gets so cold the ocean freezes all the way out to the horizon? That’s exactly what Newman Estate winery is doing using locally grown L’Acadie grapes and Riesling grapes and some brought in from Ontario. So … think locally and drink locally!!

INewman Estate Green


Tasting: A fresh, dry clean tasting wine reminiscent of a sauvignon blanc with some citrus overtones, particularly the flavor of lemon, along with the smells and tastes of white flowers.



2 thoughts on “A Simple Dish … Served with Local Wine

  1. Think we’ll cook up that fish dish and have it with corn on the cob tomorrow.
    Wish we could be toasting you with your lovely PEI “Green”, but know we’ve got some good offerings up here in “North Country” NY we could scare up.


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