Broiled Oysters with Sparkling Wine

Pairing: Broiled Oysters with NV Benjamin Bridge Méthode Classique

Food: We are most fortunate to be on Prince Edward Island in Canada where some of the best oysters on the planet are harvested. And, we have easy access to three of the best of the best … Colville Bay, South Lake, and Malpeque oysters. Generally, we subscribe to the school of thought that says the only way to eat oysters is raw and without any kind of adornment. We do, on occasion, break those rules. This is one of those times. For two people, shuck 18 oysters keeping in the shell as much of the “liquor” as possible. Sprinkle each with some Saltine cracker crumbs, add 1 or 2 tsp of goat cheese, and top with a bit more cracker crumbs. Place the oysters on a pan under the broiler for 5 minutes. We’ve served it with marinated cucumbers. Enjoy!

Baked Oyster with Cheese

WineNV Benjamin Bridge Méthode Classique continues our advocacy of local wines and wines from unexpected locales. The Benjamin Bridge winery is located in the Gaspereau Valley of northwestern Nova Scotia, a beautiful agricultural region adjacent to the Annapolis Valley. The grapes used are L’Acadie, Vidal, Seyval, Chardonnay, and Pinot Noir. Méthode Classique refers to the traditional method of natural fermentation in the bottle, that produces nice persistent bubbles. NV (non-vintage) means that the wine is made from multiple vintages, in this case dating back to 2002.

Benjamin Bridge Sparkler

Tasting: The aromas are yeasty and citrusy, reminiscent of a lovely Champagne. The flavor is delicate, crisp green apple, with a nice touch of acidity. The overall experience is intensely clean like a cool mountain stream, but with a hint of salinity … a perfect complement to the briny oysters.

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