Halibut with Fresh Polenta … Paired with a Cotes du Roussillon

Pairing: Halibut with Fresh Polenta Paired with a 2012 Chateau Saint Roch Côtes du Roussillon Vieilles Vignes Blanc 

Food:  What do you do when a commercial fisherman acquaintance drops by and plops a 30 lb halibut on your countertop? First, thank him … profusely (after paying him, of course). Then, … get out a big, sharp knife and lots of newspaper. Then, … share with friends … and eat lots of halibut in the coming year! Gee … what a sacrifice!

Here, we’ve simply poached the fish in some salted water and served it on top of some freshly made polenta. We used the recipe taken directly from Jacques Pépin’s Fast Food My Way. What’s particularly special is that the polenta is made from corn kernels cut right off the cob and pureed in a blender. Fabulous!

Halibut on Fresh Polenta

Wine:  Cote du Roussillon are the A.O.C. designated wines of the Roussillon wine region of southern France located just east of the Pyrenees Mountains that border France and Spain.  Grenache Blanc and Marsanne, two widely grown grapes in the south of ‘France, are blended to make the 2012 Chateau Saint Roch Vieilles Vignes (meaning ‘old vines’). The winery is located about 15 miles from the city of Perpignan, not far from the Mediterranean Sea, and 20 miles from the border with Spain.

Cotes du Roussillon

Tasting Notes:  The color of pale gold or straw. Fresh white peach and aromatic Charentais melon on the nose. The Charentais melon is the initial taste one experiences, but then a touch of lime adds a zing. Clean, fresh lime carries the day on the finish. The pairing:  the corn polenta has a lovely natural  sweetness that complements nicely the combined fruit flavors of the wine. A wonderful pairing!

Other Wines That Pair Well with Halibut and Fresh Polenta: Pinot Gris (Alsace, France), Chardonnay (California), Soave Classico (Italy), Prosecco (Italy)

Other Food That Pairs Well with Côtes du Roussillon: Smoked Fish, Pork, Ham, Seafood

View the Languedoc-Roussillon Region:  Languedoc-Roussillon

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Halibut and Chickpea Ragout with a Spanish White Verdejo

Pairing: Halibut and Chickpea Ragout paired with 2013 Finca Las Caraballas Verdejo White Wine

Food:  Full disclosure … halibut is a very stressed fishery and we are very careful from whom we get it. We buy a whole fish (30-40 lbs) directly from a fisherman just down the road from us on Prince Edward Island. This lasts us a full year in the freezer, after sharing some of it with neighbors. PEI manages the halibut fishery very tightly allowing fishermen only a couple of days a year to fish for halibut, and for a very limited catch by weight. With that said, this dish would work fine with other more available white fish. The ragout is simply made with stock, canned garbanzo beans (chickpeas), onion, shallot, garlic, tomato, and herbs. The fish is poached directly in the ragout for an easy one-pot meal. Oh … and did I mention it’s really low in calories?


Wine: Verdejo is widely regarded as Spain’s finest white wine, and is grown extensively in the Rueda region of the high altitude country northeast of Madrid. It has been grown there for over a thousand years and is believed to have been brought from North Africa by the Moors.  A very drinkable wine that pairs well with many different foods, especially seafood.  And … very affordable at less than $15. Enjoy!


Tasting:  Medium yellow in color. Green apple on the nose. A bracing, clean acidity with flavors of green apple and white flowers. Just a hint of grapefruit to make it even more interesting. Does a nice job complementing the flavors of the ragout.

Other Foods That Pair Well with This Wine: Pasta with Pesto, Crab Cakes, Salad, White Fish, Spicy Dishes (e.g., Jambalaya)

Other Wines That Pair Well with This Food: Albarino (Spain), White Bordeaux (France), Sauvignon Blanc (US), Verdicchio (Italy), Vinho Verde (Portugal)

Read About:  http://www.bbr.com/grape-vj-verdejo  


A Source: www.wine.com