Mussels With Fettuccini, Morels, and Asparagus

Food:  The basic recipe is from Molly O’Neils A Well-Seasoned Appetite.  We have prepared and enjoyed ‘Mussels O’Neil’ for years.  For this version, we added freshly picked wild morels from our “secret location” and asparagus for a real celebration of month of May. The mussels, morels, and asparagus are each cooked separately. While the pasta is cooking, steam the mussels in a little water and white wine (preferably the white wine you have paired with the meal). Cut the asparagus into two-inch pieces and saute in a little butter. When the mussels are done, remove them, reduce the remaining liquid to about a cup and add some cream. When the pasta is done, combine it with the mussels, sauce, morels, and asparagus. Season to taste.

Mussels w: morels, asparagus +

Wine: 2012 Sarno 1860 from Avellino, Italy. Avelino is in the Campania region near Naples. The wine is made primarily from the Fiano di Avelino grape. The Sarno 1860 is considered to be an excellent expression of that grape.

Sarno 1860 Italian white

Tasting notes: The nose carries a lovely scent of honeysuckle and other white flower floral notes. On the palate, one can taste white peach, pear, and a light touch of citrus and minerals. It has a nice lingering finish, and is a good match for this meal complimenting the mussels, morels, and even the asparagus (a notoriously difficult flavor to pair with).

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A Source: K & L Wines (online)

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