French Lunch with The Doctor

Pairing: French Lunch with 2003 Wegeler Bernkasteler Doctor Riesling Auslese

Food: This is what we call a French Lunch, even though it’s not necessarily French and we eat it for dinner. (Go figure!) It’s an assemblage of (1) a nice variety of cheeses (usually three or four of differing origins, flavors and textures); (2) different artisanal sausages (five or six types) that hail from different parts of the world and made from different meats (pork, beef, lamb, duck, etc); and (3) an assortment of spreads (chicken liver pate, eggplant spread, etc), chutneys, and mustards. All of this, plus a few baguettes, is served on a large cutting board or two that everyone eats from together in a communal way. This meal is a treat that we enjoy often. With such a diversity of flavors, pairing it with the right wine can be a daunting challenge. Which brings us to … The Doctor.

French Lunch


Wine: 2003 Wegeler Bernkasteler Doctor Riesling Auslese is truly a legendary wine, known throughout the world. It is made in the charming German village of Bernkasteler on the Mosel River, using grapes from the renowned vineyard of Doctor. This area is one of the most northerly vineyards (highest latitude) in the world, growing on some the steepest terrain anywhere. And, people have been growing grapes and making wine in this region for over 1500 years. Read more about the wine and the region in the link below.

Berkasteler Doctor

Tasting Notes: Riesling is considered by many to be an almost perfect pairing wine able to complement beautifully with a broad spectrum of foods. This help explains why we chose this type of wine to go with this dinner that has so many different flavors. The color of this wine is a lovely deep gold. White wines tend to grow dark over time and this one is thirteen years old. The nose is honeysuckle flowers combined with the smell of wild honey. The flavors echo further honey nectar extraordinary in its delicacy. Sweet, but not like a dessert wine. Rather the sweetness is in perfect balance with the wine’s acidity. My goodness … what an amazing wine! And a great companion to this meal.

Other Pairings for the French Lunch: Apple Wine (LaBelle), Gewurtztraminer, other German Rieslings, New York State Riesling.

Other Pairings for the Doctor: Aperitif, Asian Cuisine, Bluefish, Choucroute Garnie.

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