Smorrebrod, A Scandinavian Tradition … Served with a Nova Scotia Rose

Pairing: Smørrebrød Paired with a 2016 Avondale Sky ‘Lady Slipper’ Rosé 

Food: The ‘Dog Days of Summer” are upon us. And, Smørrebrød, a traditional Scandinavian, open-face sandwich is the perfect light, refreshing meal for a hot summer day. Usually constructed from a slice of dense, dark bread, spread with butter, then layered with meat or fish, garnishes, and cheese. We make ours using a dense rye bread spread with whipped cream cheese, then piled high with cold turkey, spinach leaves, ripe tomato slices, and hard-boiled egg. Add a generous shake of salt and pepper. Serve it with a cool, refreshing cucumber salad. We like the one found in Craig Claiborne’s New York Times International Cookbook, widely hailed when it came out in the 1970’s.

The salad is made with thinly sliced cucumber, white wine vinegar, salt, sugar, and dill.

Turkey Smorrebrot with Rose


Wine:  Nova Scotia is becoming more and more the place to enjoy fabulous wines while exploring a bucolic landscape in Atlantic Canada. Numerous wineries now dot prime agricultural land located mostly in the Annapolis Valley and Gaspereau Valley. The Avondale Sky Winery lies on the Avon Peninsula a few miles to the east. In operation since 2009 (though many of its vineyards are much older), it has quickly established itself as one of the premier wineries in all of Nova Scotia, indeed of all the Maritime Provinces.   Their ‘Lady Slipper’ Rosé is one of their most awarded wines, and made from Leon Millot and Marquette grapes, both cold climate grapes.


Avondale Sky Lady Slipper Rose.JPG

Tasting Notes: A pretty bluish-red color, it almost looks like a blueberry wine, but it is not. The nose provides fragrant aromas of fresh strawberry, cranberry, wild cherry, and blueberry. On the palate one can taste sweet strawberry, clean crisp wild cranberry, and lingonberry. It’s like a basket full of ripe, fresh, local (to the Maritimes) berries. A gentle, mellow hint of honey rounds it all out, but one would be incorrect in thinking this is a sweet wine. It gets even better over time as it opens up. The pairing is extremely good with the “wild fruit” complementing the layers of flavor of the Smørrebrød.

Other Wines That Pair Well with Smørrebrød: Riesling – Kabinett (Germany), Gewürztraminer (Alsace, France), Soave (Italy), Chenin Blanc (South Africa)

Other Food That Pairs Well with Rosé: Salade Niçoise, Provençal Pizza, Tuna Salad Sandwiches, Chicken Salad.

View the Beautiful Wine Country of Nova Scotia: Wine Country Nova Scotia

A Source: Avondale Sky Winery




2 thoughts on “Smorrebrod, A Scandinavian Tradition … Served with a Nova Scotia Rose

  1. Yes! This certainly sounds perfect for these hot August days. Wish we had that NS Rose available, but your alternates sound real doable. Thanks!


  2. Thanks for your comment, Barbara and Richard. I do hope that the Nova Scotia wines will become available in the US. They’re wonderful!


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