Moules (Mussels) Gratinées … Companion for a California Chardonnay

Pairing: Moules Gratinées (Mussels au gratin) Paired with a 2017 Scheid Vineyards Chardonnay (Monterey)

Food:  My wife should be credited for this dish. She based it on a meal we enjoyed in Brittany a while back where it was made with scallops instead of mussels. Béchamel Sauce, Cheddar cheese, chopped scallion. (For recipe go to Utter simplicity … utterly delicious! Serving the mussels with side dishes of Camargue red rice and beautiful green broccoli elevates the meal to a truly memorable dining experience.

Moules Gratinees w: Chardonnay

Wine:  We’ve highlighted Scheid Vineyards elsewhere in this blog (May 4, 2020 entry, Pan Seared Halibut Cheeks — Mind-blowing Paired with Roussanne). They offer a galaxy of different wines from their extensive holdings in the Central Coast wine region of California. This Chardonnay is crafted from grapes grown in their Monterey County vineyards. The cool climate here is due to the winds blowing in off the cold water of Monterey Bay. This contributes to the creation of a light, crisp Chardonnay different from the fuller, richer versions of the wine that often results from warmer environments.

Scheid Chardonnay

Tasting Notes:  Gold with a very slight greenish tint (pretty). On the nose you get a nice combination of different aromas … ripe honeydew melon, fragrant white flowers, and freshly baked vanilla wafers. The palate offers up a light vanilla, white peaches, and more honeydew melon. There is a lightness to this wine, yet it stands up surprisingly well to the cheddar cheese in the sauce. Indeed the wine actually helps bring out the cheddar taste in the dish. Very nice complementary flavors.

Other Wines That Pair Well with Moules Gratinèes:  Champagne (France), White Burgundy (France), Sauvignon Blanc (New Zealand)

Other Food That Pairs Well with California Chardonnay:  Mushrooms, Pasta with Cream Sauce, Grilled Seafood, Roast Chicken

A Wine Lover’s Guide to Monterey County (Wine Enthusiast)

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