Haddock with Pesto Sauce … Paired with Greek White Wine

Pairing: Haddock with Pesto Sauce and Mediterranean Vegetables … Paired with 2012 Domaine Gerovasiliou Malagousia

Food:  First things first … It’s probably true that most times we first have a dinner in mind and then select a wine that we think will best complement the flavors in that dish. This time, however, we first had a wine in mind (actually, we had opened a bottle of it the night before). It was a delicious Greek white wine, Malagousia, that we had enjoyed last night with a Greek chicken salad (feta cheese and oil-cured olives being the key flavor elements). We based our new meal creation on familiar Mediterranean flavors … white fish (in this case haddock) with a pesto sauce, sautéed zucchini and tomatoes with oregano, and pasta (whole wheat orzo) tossed with feta cheese and a tomato relish (garlic, onion, balsamic vinegar, red wine vinegar, and assorted herbs).  It proved to be a great dinner and a wonderful pairing for the wine.

Haddock with Pesto

Wine:  A centuries-old Greek white wine grape, Malagousia was rescued from near extinction in the late 20th century by the the winemaker, Evangelos Gerovassilou. Although Malagousia was previously grown almost exclusively as a blending grape, it has emerged today as a highly favored single varietal, grown mostly in Central Greece and Greek Macedonia. The Domaine Gerovassilou winery is located in Epanomi near the town of Thessaloniki in the coastal part of Greek Macedonia.

Malagousia (Greek White)

Tasting Notes:  A deep golden color. The scent of mock orange along with tropical fruits. A delicious medley of fresh, ripe tropical fruits carries over to the palate. There is some minerality, as well, to sharpen the flavors. This is a great sipping wine, the flavors calling out for one more taste. But it is also an excellent pairing for the lovely Mediterranean components of this dish, particularly the pesto sauce on the fish and the tomato relish mixed into the orzo. A great match!

Other Wines That Pair Well with Haddock and Pesto Sauce:  Chardonnay (Italy), Chablis (France), Sauvignon Blanc (California), Vermentino (Italy)

Other Food That Pairs Well with Malagousia: Chicken Satay, Asian Cuisine, Walnut and Blue Cheese Salad, Pasta with Light Cream Sauce

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Greece and Argentina …a Surprising Pair

Pairing:  Spanakopita and 2013 Don David Torrontés

Food:  Spanakopita is a traditional Greek pastry made with feta cheese, spinach, and egg. Our recipe is a favorite from an old copy of Craig Claiborne’s NY Times International Cookbook, but there are lots of recipes out there from which to choose. However, our pastry is not made with the usual flakey phyllo dough found in supermarkets. Rather it is a non-layered phyllo called spitiko filo (recipe found in Diane Kochias’s cookbook, Ikaria). We’ve served ours with sausage made from chicken, feta and spinach from a nearby market, and beets from a neighbor’s garden. A very tasty combination.


Wine:  More often than not, the most successful food and wine pairings happen when both the food and the wine come from the same country or region within that country. For example, pasta with tomato sauce and a good chianti. Or boeuf bourguignon and a red burgundy. However, as one samples wines from many different parts of the world, a mental inventory begins to form (or perhaps, if you’re really organized, you’ve created a wine journal to keep track of the different flavors of different wines). Torrontés is a grape variety unique to Argentina. This pairing is an example of the food and wine coming from different parts of the world, but with flavor profiles that complement one another very nicely.


Tasting:  A delightful, gentle lemon aroma is what comes right to the nose. That same light lemon flavor combined with a hint of green melon describes the taste of this very nice simple wine. The taste of lemon or other citrus can sometimes be too harsh in a wine. This Torrontés hits the mark with a sort of sweet acidity, but remains a refreshing dry wine. It should be noted that lemon is an important dimension of Greek cuisine, so it’s no surprise that this wine is such a good complement to this meal.

Other Wines that Pair Well with This Food:  Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, Verdicchio, Assyrtiko (Greek)

Others Foods that Pair Well with This Wine: White Fish, Asian Food, Shellfish (Oysters, Mussels, etc.), Mexican Food

Read About:  http://www.elesteco.com/en/category/vinos/don-david-reserve/


A Source:  www.wine.com