Springtime Salad … Paired Beautifully with a Vin de Savoie

Pairing: Springtime Salad Paired with 2013 Veronique Anne Perret Vin de Savoie Apremont

Food:  Maybe it’s just me, but the tug of war between winter and spring seems to be lasting far longer than normal here in New Hampshire. But now at the end of April, spring seems to be gaining a foothold despite winter’s soldiers making a last stand in small bunkers of snow north of the barn and hidden among the hemlocks deep in the woods.  The calendar proclaimed spring six weeks ago, so by golly we’re going to call it spring and celebrate! Here’s a wonderful springtime salad, invented by my wife, composed of a medley of flavors that herald the beginning of warmer days to come.

Start with a base of mixed spring greens. Toss with a dressing made with mayonnaise, hot chili sauce, a bit of granulated garlic and some lemon juice. Play around with your own proportions. Compose the salad with cooked asparagus cut into one-inch pieces, some cooked cold water shrimp, cubed mangos, clementine sections, and sliced hard-boiled eggs. Season with salt and pepper and drizzle additional dressing over the top. This will help you forget that winter ever happened!

Springtime Salad with Vin de Savoie

Wine:  The Savoie wine region lies in the far eastern part of France in the French Alps south of Switzerland’s Lake Geneva. Apremont, just north of the skiing paradise of Grenoble, is regarded as among the finest cru in the Savoie region. The white grape, Jacquere, dominates the wine production in this region and is rarely found outside of this tucked-away corner of France. Veronique Anne Perret’s Apremont wine is 100% Jacquere, an excellent example of this delightfully refreshing, clean-tasting wine, and an absolute steal at $8.

Vin de Savoie Apremont

Tasting Notes:  A pretty pale gold color (12 Karat says my geologist wife!). You can just smell the fresh, clean alpine air along with fragrant honeysuckle and maybe a hint of green melon. Just lovely. On the palate the tastes of white clover and melon persist then linger on the finish. Fairs beautifully with the myriad tastes and textures of the salad.

Other Wines That Pair Well with this Shrimp, Asparagus, Mango, and Citrus Salad:  White Bordeaux (France), Chenin Blanc (South Africa), Sauvignon Blanc (New Zealand), Pinot Grigio (Italy)

Other Food That Pairs Well with Vin de Savoie Apremont: Cheese Fondue, Welsh Rarebit, Oysters, White Fish (delicately prepared), Raclette

View the Beautiful Apremont Region of Savoie:  apremont savoie

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Strawberry and Chicken Salad … with a Basque Country Rose

Pairing:  Strawberry and Chicken Salad Paired with 2015 Ameztoi Getariako Txakolina Rubentis Rosé

Food:  This salad is almost too pretty to eat. It’s strawberry season here in the northeast part of the U.S.. The season lasts only a few short weeks so we look to serve them with just about everything … breakfast, lunch and dinner.  These sweet, flavorful, fresh berries are absolutely perfect added to a salad of spinach greens, chicken, kiwi fruit, and slivered almonds … all drizzled with a lemon juice and olive oil vinaigrette. Summertime … and the livin’ is easy!

Strawberry and Chicken Salad

Wine: Txakolina Rubentis is the rosé version of Txakolina, the lightly fizzy wine made in the Getariako Txakolina region of northern Spain … Basque country. It is made from 90% hondarrabi zuni white grapes and 10% hondarrabi belts, a red grape. These grapes are grown virtually nowhere else but in Basque country, and are descended from ancient wild grapes indigenous to this small corner of the world. The Basque people themselves consume the vast proportion of Txakolina wine, with the U.S. being a distant second largest consumer. Indeed, one rarely finds this wine for sale anywhere else, including Spain itself. For me, sampling wines with that heritage and origin is a thrill.

Spanish Rose

Tasting Notes:  A beautiful pale shade of pink. Imagine yourself out by the clothesline where the dry sheets are billowing over your head while you breathe in the clean fresh smells of the laundry along with the fragrance emanating from the nearby strawberry patch. That’s what you get when you smell this lovely wine. Strawberries and honeysuckle nectar are the gentle flavors, mingling nicely with the slight effervescence tickling your palate. Needless to say, this simple, clean tasting wine pairs wonderfully with the strawberries in the salad. Wine complementing food … food complementing wine.

Other Wines That Pair Well with Strawberry/ Chicken Salad:  Sancerre (Loire Valley), Vinho Verde (Portugal), Chardonnay (Chile), Sauvignon Blanc (New Zealand)

Other Foods That Pair Well with a Rosé:  Salad Nicoise, Cold Meat Plate (Salami, Ham, etc), Potato Salad, Paella, Lamb Kebabs

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A Source:  www.wine.com