Chicken Crepes from Brittany … Paired with a Roussanne from Savoie

Pairing: Chicken and Mediterranean Vegetable Crêpes Paired with 2012 Domaine Les Cantates Roussanne (Cru Chignin Bergeron)

Food:  Crêpes made from buckwheat flour are traditional in Brittany, France. We mix a little all-purpose flour in with the buckwheat flour so that the cooked crêpes aren’t quite so dark in color. The filling is made from bite-size pieces of chicken meat cooked in with the Mediterranean vegetables (eggplant, zuchinni, tomatoes, and garlic) with a little water, and seasoned with herbes de provence (basil, rosemary, lavender, tarragon, and thyme). It’s important to pour off most of the remaining liquid before stuffing the crêpes with the filling so as not to make the crêpes soggy.

Crepes with Roussanne

Wine:  From Brittany in the far western, coastal region of France where our buckwheat crêpes originate, we travel all the way across France to the easternmost part of the country to select a wine from the mountainous Savoie wine region. Domaine les Cantates cultivates its vineyards in the Chignin Bergeron “cru”, or village, where it grows the Roussanne grape. Roussanne originated in the Rhône region south of Savoie, where it is most commonly combined with Marsanne and Viognier to make a terrific white blend. California and Australia are increasing their acreage of Roussanne, for both the white blends and single varietals that have become more and more in demand.

Roussanne - Vin de Savoie

Tasting Notes:  Pale gold in color. Aromatics of green melon and white clover are both present on the nose. The taste is reminiscent of a very ripe, rich green melon, like a honeydew, along with peach. Those same flavors linger on the finish. That melon/ peach flavor is a lovely complement to each component of these chicken buckwheat crêpes.

Other Wines That Pair Well with Chicken Crepes:  Pinot Blanc (Alsace), Chardonnay (Italy), Champagne (France), Chassalas (Switzerland)

Other Food That Pairs Well with Roussanne:  Ham, Pork, Poultry, Smoked Seafood

View the Beautiful Savoie Region of Alpine France:  savoie

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